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Advertisers: Why Join?

Connect with thousands of publishers and generate more sales and revenue for your growing online business.

Launch your brand on the Digital Fuel affiliate marketing network and connect with thousands of publisher marketing partners to generate more sales and revenue for your business.

The Digital Fuel Affiliate Network enables publishers worldwide to deliver advertising content to their digital pc, tablet or smart phone audience and generate revenue through a multitude of commission types as designed by each advertiser.

Advertisers can filter and select their desired partners if required, create custom commission plans for top publishers and have access to a whole host of intuitive business features and valuable reporting functions to ensure the maximum return on investment through the most advanced software platform. Take advantage of our networked data-centres and upload your advertising materials to our integrated ad content delivery solution and we serve all your ads through a network of regional ad-servers and balancers to minimise load times.

Watch our video to see how the Digital Fuel Affiliate Network can help startups acquire new customers.

Advertising campaigns are easily launched and made available to publishers with the ability to continually add or edit and report on any creative live across the network and set custom landing pages for individual creative and also enable personal creatives for co-branding association campaigns.

Setup and integration with your eCommerce systems is taken care of by our vastly experienced and professional technical team and your advertising campaigns could be live across our network within just a few days.

Publishers will have instant access to apply to connect with you and once approved (if you are operating manual approval mode) they can start delivering your advertising content and generate commission revenues from their commercial activity.

Your back office platform interface enables you to filter detailed reports on all advertising and commercial activity from within the network, communicate and support your publisher partners and process payments to your affiliates. An advanced accounting and invoicing system is integrated within the platform so that your accounts payable team can easily make payment to affiliates, and it’s self-billing notion for publishers means that it can easily fit your accounting procedures.

Advertiser Solutions

Network Access
Full network integration and advertiser account management interface enables affiliates to request acceptance into your program, create and track multiple advertising campaigns and request commission payments from you based on their earnings. You select your commission rates and pay your partners through a unique back office accounting solution. If you are looking to launch your first affiliate marketing programme and manage this yourself then this is the ideal solution.
Network Managed
Includes all the features of Network Access together with dedicated publisher support services leaving you with only publisher payment processing each month.
Network Enterprise
Includes all Access and Managed features together with direct publisher recruitment and payment processing for a fully turnkey solution.
Digital Fuel Affiliate Network charges a setup fee, low monthly network service fee and an override commission based on the total commissions that you pay to publishers each month. Talk to us today and discover how you can reach your target audience through the world’s fastest growing advertising network.

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